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What are Activity

Each kit contains a playbook that explains precisely what to do with the items in the box. Following the playbook will provide an awesome experience and have your kids asking for more.

The kits can also spark your imagination and help you create your own games, adventures, and stories — so you can use the items from the kit again and again.

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The principle of the 3 Cs


Our kits are designed to ignite your imagination and spark your creativity. You can follow the activities in the playbooks step-by-step, or you can use them as inspiration for your own ideas. Furthermore, you can replay the games by making slight modifications to the stories.


All the kits are designed to facilitate an interactive learning experience between you and the kids. Together, you can explore and enjoy the activities. It takes two to make an experience!


Inside each activity kit, you'll find a playbook with all the tips and ideas on how you can play the activities together, how to explain certain concepts easily, and just spark your imagination to communicate in a common language with your kids, whether it's theirs or yours. So don't be surprised if you find that lasagna is called a "pasta cake" – just check with your younger partner, they'll understand!

The Playbook

Each activity kit comes with the Playbook, and we are confident, you'll have as much fun with them as you will with the experience itself. The Playbooks contain instructions, advice, and tips on how to make each experience personal, memorable, and fun.

Don't skip the Playbooks: they provide information, provoke creativity, and are fun to read!

How can you reuse the kits?

Adaptive Participation Formats

The playbook in each kit contains a fully designed scenario for each experience, as well as options for imaginative play. You can choose to follow the provided scenarios, or use them as inspiration to create your own.

Selection of Toys and Products in Kits

Our selection of toys and products is designed to be repurposed in a variety of contexts. From bath bombs that can be used once to create fun and unique experiences, to toys that can be bundled together to create different activities, our kits provide endless possibilities for creative play.

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