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Everything You Need to Know About Playoddity.

Inspiring minds through the power of imagination and play.

Meet the crew

The Crew of PlayOddity consists of four characters. STEAM is an explorer who values scientific approach in everything she does. She likes rules, instructions and can explain everything to both kids and parents. Young is a certified psychologist. Disregard the fact that he's a baby. You know how babies feel the slightest change in your mood? That's Young.

Then there's YNK. He's the oddest of them all and the most creative one also. YNK stands for You Never Know, so don't expect him to be predictable. And finally there's The Voice. It's hard to explain what he or she or it is. You can hear The Voice everywhere in PlayOddity and sometimes even in your head. That's OK. After all, we all have our superpowers, don't we?



The Voice


Enjoy Quality Playtime with Your Kids

At Playoddity, we have created three pillars that ensure you have everything you need for quality playtime with your kids.

Playoddity Store

Experience the joy of play while shopping at the Playoddity Store! Inside our store, you can join educational workshops and learn about the world around you through creative crafts and role-playing activities that stimulate children's senses and feelings. It's also a great place to meet friends, connect, and share experiences.

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Discover Our Activity Kits

Our activity kits are like a magical box filled with everything you need to create meaningful playtime experiences with your children. Select the appropriate kit based on your child's age, the type of activity, the location, and the time. Inside each kit, you will find all the necessary toys, equipment and instructions, as well as a playbook containing a scenario for the activity, along with lots of tips and ideas to adjust the activity with story elements and to reenact it.

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Our Toy Catalog

Our carefully curated catalog of products has been designed with the latest trends in children's education and development in mind. We believe in personalized learning and playtime, and our products are designed to meet each child and parent's individual needs. Not to mention, they look pretty cool too, so you'll love them just as much as your kids do!

The three biomes

Most of the things in the world are either created by nature, or by humans or are hidden inside our inner universe. That's why we organize all our products in three big groups.

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