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Activity Kit Family Olympic Games #022


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Recommended Age 3+

This activity is designed for you to play together with your kid and make it last as long as you want from 30 mins up to several hours. Since you decide how you play with the objects inside you can replay it the next day or the next week or even the next year. You decide!

A blazing arrow shoots across the sky to light the giant Olympic flame. The time has come to hold a competition among your family members, your friends, and your neighbors. Who's the fastest, the strongest, and the bestest? Who wants to get the gold (or chocolate) medal? Why does pole vaulting even exist? Time to find out!

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This kit includes:

- Detailed Playbook
- Metal pins
- Scoreboard
- Referee’s whistle
- Megaphone
- Checkered flag
- Torch
- Inflatable musical instruments
- Cheerleading pom-poms
- Face markers
- Ring toss game
- Petanque
- Jump rope
- Dance ribbon
- Stopwatch
- Noise-level tester
- Quiz buzzer button
- Masking tape
- Measuring tape
- Bingo game set
- Chicken launching game
- Target stickers
- Electronic target
- Team racing band
- Party blower
- Ping-pong balls and cups
- Chopsticks

Package Size:
  • Large Box 30x20x15 in
What is this activity about:

OK, we go on the count of three. Three!
We're going to have chopstick races, throwing contests, blindfold pillow fights, and everything else that was part of what the ancient Greeks used to call "the Olympic Games." Just go-go-go! Phew — we're already out of breath …


Agility and stamina, Reaction speed, Artistry – 10, Technique – 10, Sound effects – 2, Attentiveness , Oh look, there's Dr. Zeus!, Physical activity

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