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Activity Kit Pirates of the Caribula #023


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Recommended Age 5-10

This activity is designed for you to play together with your kid and make it last as long as you want from 30 mins up to several hours. Since you decide how you play with the objects inside you can replay it the next day or the next week or even the next year. You decide!

In space, no one can hear you scream “Shiver me timbers!” — but that doesn't mean you can't be a pirate! The floor is black holes, cosmic treasure awaits, and sneaky aliens plan cunning attacks. So take command of your fearless crew, and set the solar sail toward that asteroid!

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This kit includes:

- Detailed Playbook
- Vinyl floor mats
- Stepping stones
- Vintage paper
- Fountain pen with ink
- Pen with UV ink
- Spyglass
- Inflatable eyeball
- Hopscotch rings
- Nylon line
- Flowerpot hidden safe
- Bubble gun
- Black cloth
- Pebble with secret compartment
- Multifunctional security belt
- Luminous pebbles
- Night sky projector
- Jellyfish garland
- Brain-eating hat
- Eyepatch
- Lightsabers
- Pirate hat
- Pirate-style tool roll
- Set of dice

Package Size:
  • Large Box 30x20x15 in
What is this activity about:

The space battle begins! Draw a map, hide the goodies, and build the traps. Pirates are daredevils, so you can be sure of adventures! All you need to do is avoid the floor (it's covered with black holes), traverse the traps, and find the treasure …


Imagination, Big creative bang, Artistic skills, Beam me up, kiddo!, Agility, It's a trap!

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