Magnetic Marble Run Track

Style: 70 Pieces

Pickup available at 122 Hawthorn Center

Usually ready in 24 hours

Age 3+

Picasso Tiles Magnetic Marble Run Track enhances child brain development through play. The quick-connecting, magnetized, vibrant color tiles allow children to intuitively construct their designs simply while promoting problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills— all while playing!

OPEN-ENDED POSSIBILITIES: Contains vibrant, colorful, and translucent magnetic piece building blocks and tiles that connect intuitively to allow frustration-free playtime, hand-eye coordination, motor skill training, and child brain development. Equipped with different geometric shapes, including columns, slopes, slides, funnels, U-turns, and steel-weighted marbles, the 3-D race track allows multi-layer designs that enable children to stimulate their imagination.
Choose the one you want. Comes in 50 or 120 pieces.  Compatible with other Picasso Tiles sets. It can be expanded into infinitely larger combinations.
Additional details:

120 piece box contains:
20 x quarter round turns
36 x magnetic square track tiles
22 x long straight slides / supporting columns
16 x straight slides
8 x U-turn slides
4 x centripetal funnels
4 x slopes
4 x equilateral triangle
5 x steel-weighted marbles
1 x square

50 piece box contains:
8 x quarter round turns
21 x magnetic square track tiles
8 x long straight slides / supporting columns
4 x straight slides
2 x U-turn slides
1 x centrifugal funnels
2 x slopes
3 x steel-weighted marbles
1 x square

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