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Activity Kit Urban Survival Guide #018


Pickup available at 122 Hawthorn Center

Usually ready in 24 hours

Recommended Age 6-14

This activity is designed for you to play together with your kid and make it last as long as you want from 30 mins up to several hours. Since you decide how you play with the objects inside you can replay it the next day or the next week or even the next year. You decide!

Make sure that kids have a good understanding of the challenges they may face in a modern town or city — and that they know how to tackle them.

Check out this kit Playbook

This kit includes:

- Detailed Playbook
- Multifunction outdoor tool
- Phone number keyring
- Book, Ultimate Survival Guide for Kids
- Backpack
- Powerbank
- Hand warmers
- Umbrella
- Toy street signs
- Paper roll
- Chalk
- Hand bell
- Fake mustaches
- Disguise glasses
- Firefighter’s helmet
- Pocket mirror
- Toothbrush
- Toy fire extinguisher
- Fake candy
- Anti-stress toy
- Band-Aids
- Key chain charm

Package Size:
  • Medium Box 20x15x10 in
What is this activity about:

This kit is a little different from the other playoddity kits you may have met before. Of course, it still offers inspiration and guidance on getting the best use out of the contents. But it has a specific focus on some key topics that are critical to every child living in a modern town or city.


Fine motor skills, Critical thinking, This city needs a hero, Attentiveness, Self-confidence, Better safe than sorry

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