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Activity Kit Engineering for Kids #027


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Recommended Age 5-11

This activity is designed for you to play together with your kid and make it last as long as you want from 30 mins up to several hours. Since you decide how you play with the objects inside you can replay it the next day or the next week or even the next year. You decide!

Hands-On Science: Family Engineering Adventures

Discover the wonders of engineering! This kit is a playground of scientific exploration and creativity, perfect for family bonding. It combines fundamental principles such as gravity, balance, and force with hands-on activities, making learning both fun and memorable. 

The box contains a playbook (a detailed guide to all the activities) and everything you need for success.

Check out this kit Playbook

This kit includes:

- Detailed Playbook
- Toy race track
- Wooden domino building set
- Wooden block-stacking game
- Glass marbles
- Weights
- Safety goggles
- Tennis balls
- Ping-pong balls
- Ruler
- Level
- Whiteboard
- Stopwatch
- Whistle
- Magnets
- Button
- Foldable storage boxes
- Action camera
- Reflective tape
- Newton’s cradle
- Paper cups
- LED strip
- Bookends

Package Size:
  • Medium Box 20x15x10 in
What is this activity about:

Parents have the chance to shine, surprising their kids with cool engineering feats. Kids will create mesmerizing chain reactions using a diverse array of materials. Each experiment is a step toward understanding complex concepts in simple, engaging ways,while providing precious moments for families to connect, learn, and create together.


Fine motor skills, Creativity, And then it all falls down with a BOOM!, Critical thinking, Problem solving skills, Problem creating skills

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