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Top 10 Unique Kids' Gifts of 2023: Trending Holiday Picks

As the holiday season approaches, parents and guardians are on the lookout for the perfect gifts to light up their little ones' faces. This year, why not choose something beyond the usual toys and gadgets? Try Playoddity Activity kits - a box filled with hours of fun and educational activities for you and your kids. Each designed to spark imagination, creativity, and joy. From exploring emotions to embarking on pirate adventures, these gifts promise a world of fun and learning.

1. Emotions Matter Activity Box

Emotions Matter is more than just a gift; it's a journey into the world of feelings. This innovative activity kit helps children understand and express their emotions in a fun and interactive way. With a variety of engaging activities, it's a thoughtful gift that nurtures emotional intelligence in kids.

2. Pirates of the Caribula Activity Box

Set sail for adventure with Pirates of the Caribula! This action-packed activity kit takes kids on a thrilling pirate journey. Filled with creative tasks and challenges, it's the perfect gift for young explorers eager to discover hidden treasures and exciting tales of the high seas.

3. Arts, Crafts and Relaxation Activity Box

For the young artist in your life, the Arts, Crafts and Relaxation kit is a dream come true. This kit combines the joy of artistic creation with the calming benefits of relaxation activities. It's an ideal choice for encouraging creativity while fostering a sense of peace and well-being.

4. Art Camping Activity Box

Bring the excitement of camping indoors with Art Camping. This kit blends the fun of camping with artistic expression, offering a unique twist on traditional arts and crafts. It's a great way to inspire a love of nature and art in children, all from the comfort of home.

5. The Art of Geometry Activity Box

For the budding mathematician or artist in your family, The Art of Geometry Activity Box from PlayOddity combines creativity with learning. This activity kit takes children on an imaginative journey through shapes and patterns, helping them to understand geometric concepts in a fun and interactive way. Perfect for kids who love to explore the world of numbers and art, it's a unique way to foster both analytical and creative skills.

6. Bugs Carlton Hotel Activity Box

Dive into the fascinating world of insects with the "Bugs Carlton Hotel" activity kit. This whimsical set allows children to create their own bug hotel, offering a hands-on experience in learning about different insects and their environments. It's not just about crafting; it’s an educational journey into the world of entomology, making it a perfect gift for young nature enthusiasts and aspiring scientists.

7. Lights Up, Party Time Activity Box

Bring the excitement of a party to your home with "Lights Up, Party Time." This kit is all about celebrating creativity and light. Children can create their own party-themed projects, from dazzling light decorations to colorful crafts. It's an excellent way for kids to learn about basic electronics and design, all while preparing for their own little party at home.

8. Home, Very Sweet Home Activity Box

Encourage the inner architect with "Home, Very Sweet Home." This creative kit allows kids to design and build their own dream home models. It's an engaging way to introduce concepts of architecture and home design, nurturing spatial awareness and artistic skills. A perfect gift for children who love to construct and design, it promises hours of imaginative play.

9. It’s All About the Money Activity Box

Teach kids the value of money in a fun and interactive way with "It’s All About the Money." This educational kit combines play and learning, introducing children to basic financial concepts and money management. Through engaging activities, kids can learn about saving, spending, and the importance of financial literacy from a young age.

10. Now I’m a Submarine Activity Box

Dive into underwater adventures with "Now I’m a Submarine." This kit transports children to the depths of the ocean, where they can explore marine life and the wonders of the sea. It's an excellent way for kids to learn about marine biology and the importance of ocean conservation in an engaging and hands-on manner.


Each of these activity boxes offers something beyond the ordinary, combining education with fun, and creativity with learning. These unique holiday picks for 2023 are sure to spark joy and curiosity in any child, making them an ideal choice for those seeking original and meaningful gifts.



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